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We are currently sold out for year 2016 and any orders will not ship until the middle of 2017. I would like to thank everyone for making 2016 a wonderful year. We will almost certainly be selling out again so please place your orders early.

Ginseng is not easy money or even fast money, but it will be financially rewarding if you stick with it and the sooner you start, the faster you will see the rewards. Even a 1000 square foot bed in your own back yard can add up quickly.

I started growing ginseng in 1997. I planted 3 ounces of seed that fall throughout the woods and I didn't even know what they looked like when they came up the following spring or remember where I planted most of it. A few years later I was planting 30 pounds on three quarters of an acre! I have planted ginseng using both wild simulated and woods cultivated methods. The land is located in the hills of southern Ohio. It is very hilly, rocky, and the woods are made up of trees such as maples and oaks.

Ginseng Plant

How To Grow

Locations: I have planted ginseng everywhere from my backyard garden, to under a stand of pine trees. As long as there is enough shade the ginseng will grow. We do, however, want optimal spots so that it will grow to its full potential. A healthy plant is better capable of fighting off diseases and surviving what other critters might do to it.

Soil: Rich, fertile loamy soil is the best. Use a roto-tiller if you need to.

Water: Ginseng needs water but it does not like standing water. It is very easily susceptible to root rot which will kill the plant. Remember your ginseng will be in the ground for a few years so take into account the flash floods that might only come around every few years.

Sunlight: I grew my best ginseng in my backyard under a tree with no protection from the afternoon sun. The ginseng loved it until the dog days of August when the leaves burnt, but they would come up and grow like crazy again the next year. The plants need protected from the heat of the sun's rays, but too much shade will hamper their growth.

Ginseng plot

Care And Maintenance

Late winter/early spring (before the ginseng emerges): Pick up all the branches that have fallen onto your plot over the winter. When weeds begin growing you can spray herbicide on your plots to kill them. As long as your ginseng has not started popping up the herbicide will not harm the dormant roots.

Summer (growing season): This is when you must protect the ginseng. Make sure the plants are growing to their full potential while limiting anything that could damage them. I've used liquid fertilizer to give the plants an extra boost. Make sure you don't mix it too strong or the fertilizer will burn the leaves. If you see fungus attacking the plants you can spray the appropriate fungicide to knock it down. If grubs or moles are a problem then pellets would be the way you want to go.

Fall (plants are dying off for the season): If the weather is very hot with little rain, the plants can start and die off as early as August. If the weather is friendlier to ginseng it will grown into October. Pick the seeds at this time and dig any plants you want to harvest or tansplant. If you are afraid of poachers, you can also get the weed wacker out and cut the ginseng off at the stems.

Growing American Ginseng In Ohio

Site Preparation And Planting


Selecting A Site

Maintenance, Disease Control and Pest Management

Harvesting. Washing and Drying.

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Ginseng rootlets for replanting.

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